Q and A with Ulster University Masters Student, Ryan Rodgers

Ryan Rodgers hard at work during an Acoustronic practice!

Q and A with Ulster University Masters Student, Ryan Rodgers

14 December 2016

Masters student Ryan Rodgers has been working alongside the Acoustronic ensemble for a semester now, what better time to ask him for an update on his exciting new project!

"Hi Ryan, what has brought you along to Acoustronic?”

“I was given the opportunity to come along to Acoustronic by Frank Lyons as I am studying a Masters Degree in Composing. Last year I composed a piece using the sounds from the inside of a tree and from this I started to think more into studying the Contemporary composition genre, which is exactly the type of music created by this Inclusive Creativity ensemble.”


“Can you tell us anything about your compositions so far?”

“The piece I am currently writing is based on the Four Elements, so I have taken field recordings of the four elements and have edited them using Logic software to create these four elements as they have never been heard before.”


“How are the Acoustronic musicians helping you with this composition?”

“I wouldn’t be able to write this piece if it wasn’t for Acoustronic as it is their improvisation skills that help develop the piece to what it is. I’ve been using the group members to listen to my filed sounds to determine which could work, and which ones I will need to work on.”


“How have you enjoyed your time working with the ensemble?”

“I have really enjoyed the atmosphere every Thursday that the gang bring to practice. As a newbie to this genre I was very nervous and unsure if I was ‘doing it right’ or not, but the group were very patient, reassuring and always put a smile on my face.’


Keep your eyes peeled on new updates here about Ryan's composition and many other exciting opportunities for the Acoustronic ensemble in the New Year!


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