Acoustronic December 2016

10 January 2017

Ulster University students Amy Pollock and Emma Donegan have been undertaking a placement module this semester and have been working alongside the Acoustronic ensemble to create some exciting new music. They both had a little bit to say about their time with the group..

Amy: "I am a final year Music student at Ulster University, Magee. I have been on placement with Acoustronic for the past three months now. My role within my placement has been to provide my skills as a vocalist to the compositions of the ensemble. Before I started my placement I had little knowledge of electronic instruments and improvised music but through my work with the ensemble I have developed a new understanding and love for this type of music. I thoroughly enjoyed using my voice in new ways to create music and it has encouraged me to try it on more occasions and hopefully with other ensembles similar to Acoustronic in the future."


Emma: "For my placement module within Ulster University, I decided to work with Acoustronic. I was part of the Acoustronic team for six weeks and I enjoyed every minute of it. The equipment that we used was top of the range and the guys are extraordinarily talented. During my time at Acoustronic, I got to participate in preparation for the Christmas Showcase, which turned out to be a huge success! In future I hope to be lucky enough to work with the whole team again!"

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